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Section A: Hiring employees in China    (see all questions in this section)
• I have just set up a company in Shanghai, what procedure should I follow if I wish to hire a lot of local employees?
• If employees are seconded to China, do they need a new Chinese employment contract?
• Is it necessary to use agencies to hire employees? How can employers ensure that they retain control and that agencies act in accordance with their wishes?
Section B: Preparing the employment contract    (see all questions in this section)
• Why is it necessary to conclude a written contract in China? Can I download an employment contract from this website for reference?
• What are the principal statutory terms in an employment contract under Chinese law?
• In addition to the employment contract, are there any other important documents I should ask my employees to sign?
Section C: Termination of employment    (see all questions in this section)
• Since the introduction of the PRC Labor Contract Law in 2008, the perception is that it is very difficult to dismiss an employee in China, is this true?
• Are there any circumstances in which an employer can terminate an employment contract immediately, without notice?
• In what circumstances do employers have to pay compensation for terminating an employment contract?
Section D: Dispute resolution    (see all questions in this section)
• If an employee sues the company, how should the company react?
• I am worried about employees making claims against the company, what I can do?
• Is there a maximum amount that the employee can be awarded in an employment dispute?
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