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Section A: Working as an employee in China    (see all questions in this section)
• Do foreign nationals require work permits to work in China?
• If foreign nationals are employed in their home country and then seconded to China to work for the company there, do they need a new Chinese employment contract?
• I was offered a job by a China-based company, now I have moved here, but they have changed their mind. What can I do?
Section B: Understanding the employment contract    (see all questions in this section)
• Under a Chinese employment contract, what are the minimum statutory provisions relating to:
• Is it true that only an employment contract written in Chinese is enforceable in case of a dispute?
• Can an employer change an employee¡¯s employment contract without asking them? What can an employee do if they do not agree with changes to their contract?
Section C: Termination of the employment contract    (see all questions in this section)
• In my contract it says that this employment contract may be terminated at will by each party upon prior notice of 3 months. Is this legal?
• Do employees need to give notice of their resignation to their employer? How long should the notice period be?
• If my employer dismisses me illegally or unfairly, what can I do?
Section D: Dispute resolution    (see all questions in this section)
• Is it expensive to take an employment dispute to arbitration or court?
• If my employer has breached the employment contract, can I make a claim? Are there any time limits?
• If I do not agree with the arbitration tribunal¡¯s decision, can I appeal?
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