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Barry Law Firm is a leading employment law firm based in Shanghai. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality legal advice that reflects our clients' business needs, the commercial realities of operating a business and employing workers in the People's Republic of China. The strategic choice to operate from Shanghai allowed the firm to build links with a wide range of foreign and domestic clients, all of which are some of the biggest and prominent employers in Shanghai and China as a whole. It also enabled us to develop in the most dynamic and fast-paced environment, which reflects China's rapid economic growth. Our unique blend of domestic and international practice, which includes lawyers that have a background in running international businesses, enables us to provide the most sophisticated advice regarding every aspect of employment law and tailor it to the commercial realities of our corporate clients.

China's astounding economic growth and liberalisation over the last 20 years made it tremendously attractive to foreign employers and stimulated Chinese business development and innovation. This spurred the number of employees in China to the never-before-seen heights with an increasing number of foreign employees coming to the country. However, in the last couple of years difficult economic conditions forced employers to lay off substantial part of their employees. These seismic changes were accompanied with increased legal complexities and regulations, which made employing workers, and especially laying them off, a very complex affair. Shanghai Barry Law Firm proven to be one of the most successful law firms in advising foreign and domestic employers on dealing with legal problems presented by the rapidly evolving Chinese employment legislation and regulation. In fact, we are praised by clients for our innovative approach that utilises the technicalities of Chinese law for the benefit of our clients' businesses. All of this makes us the natural choice for corporate employers in a huge varity of business areas.,

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