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We provide the cutting-edge advice on every aspect of employment law. These include advising employers on:

Ø Procedures for the recruitment of employees;
Ø Drafting and negotiating employment contracts;
Ø Creating employment handbooks;
Ø Implementing internal employment regulations;
Ø Termination of employment, including foreceful lay offs;
Ø Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreements;
Ø Representing employers in complex litigation and hearings before the labor arbitration tribunals;
Ø And many other areas.

We are the first choice law firm for numerous clients because we offer:

Ø Lawyers who have rich and diverse experiences in the practice of law and providing all our clients with tailored, cost-effective legal advice, taking into account their specific circumstances, commercial realities and trends within their industry sector;
Ø Up-to-date industry and market knowledge to make our legal advice relevant for now and in the future;
Ø An ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues and to work across borders to provide unparalleled legal and commercial advice;
Ø Support for international and national companies both in transactional and contentious work, which includes support during sensitive employment negotiations, dispute resolution and representation in courts and the labor arbitration tribunals nationwide;
Ø The ability to identify innovative solutions to employment-related problems and solving them to ensure that our clients' commercial operations run in a more cost-efficient manner;
Ø High levels of local knowledge, which is particularly useful as a support network for companies with little or no knowledge of the legal or commercial environment in China. This is combined with our desire to build lasting relationships with our clients, built upon mutual trust.
Ø A very strong, professional team with both Mandarin and English language capabilities and a wealth of experience in all employment-related matters. 

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