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Ben Jia
Ben Jia, Attorney at law, Senior Partner and co founder of Shanghai Barry Law Firm.
Ben Jia has been serving his clients for more than ten years in the People’s Republic of China, specializing in Labor law, Commercial law, Intellectual Property Rights and Direct Foreign Investment. Mr Jia’s wealth of experience in these areas together with an excellent understanding of foreign trade enable him to work effectively and efficiently to help his clients, whether they require consultation and advice or assistance in arbitration and litigation.
Mr Jia’s wealth of experience in commercial matters stems from a fascinating background in a multitude of disciplines. Mr Jia obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Law in 1989 and subsequently his teacher training qualification before spending a year teaching in Law College. He spent some time working as a foreign trade businessman before joining a sino-foreign government owned company as the deputy manager where he remained for several years. This position allowed him to develop an excellent understanding of the way in which joint ventures operate and some of the issues, legal and commercial, that arise when different cultures are in business together.
In 1998, Mr Jia passed his Bar examinations, qualifying as a lawyer and also became a member of the Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights of the National Bar Association. Mr Jia spent some time working as a lawyer in the Liaoning Province before coming to Shanghai in 2001. In 2002 he joined Haohua Law Firm until 2004 when he joined Xinli Law Firm. In 2005, Mr Jia and three fellow lawyers founded Shanghai Barry Law Firm in the Lujiazui area of Pudong.  Before long, the success of the firm and its increasing size saw the firm reestablish itself on Dongfang road, where today the firm continues to develop, as does Mr Jia’s already extensive understanding of and appreciation for the Law.    
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Chinese, English
Guidance for Lawyers for Reconstruction of State owned Enterprises, this book was assigned  as the guidance text for   business lawyers of the National Bar Association.
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