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Notice of the office of supreme people’s court on issuing the top ten cases and the 50 typical cases on 2011Chinese court judicial protection of intellectual property rights
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Promulgating Institution:Office of the Supreme People's Court
Document Number:FaBan[2012]No.91
Promulgating Date:04/11/2012
These 10 cases include; Taobao brand infringement dispute,LAFITE brand dispute,Car brand dispute between DaYun and JAC, patent infringement relating to“Good sleep mode”of air conditioning, Copyright dispute in relation to BaiDu MP3 search, unfair competition dispute between two companies; “360” and “QQ”,“KaiXin Net” unfair competition dispute,issues surrounding “Kasite” brand that was not used for 3 years, meaning the copyright was annulled by the Administrative Office, Issues surrounding the invalidity of “Fight beta-lactamase antibiotics compound”inventive patent, and copyright infringement in relation to Juwenming illegal copy and publish computer software.
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