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Announcement No. 9 [2012] of the Ministry of Commerce - Announcement on the Antimonopoly Review Decision on Approving the Concentration of Business Operators for Acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage
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Promulgating  InstitutionMinistry of Commerce
Document Number: Announcement [2012]No. 9 of the Ministry of Commerce
Promulgatin Date:03/02/2012
The Ministry of Commerce  agreed the purchase of  Hitachi Global Storage  by Western Digital, a hard-disk manufacturer, on the basis of certain conditions being met to ensure a fair level of competition.
In approving the acquisition, the Ministry of Commerce laid down the following conditions: Viviti must continue to be an independent competitor in the relevant market, both parties  shall reasonably determine production capacity and output based on market demands, Western Digital and Viviti shall not substantially change the previous business mode, or compel or disguisedly compel customers to purchase HDD products from the two companies, R&D spending should  continue to be invested in  innovation and Western Digital shall undertake to strip off the major 3.5-inch HDD assets of Viviti within six months from the date of release of this Decision.
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