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Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Workers
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Promulgating Institution:      The State Council
Document Number:           Order No.619 of The State Council
Promulgating Date:           04/28/2012
These provisions adjust the scope of labor activities that are tabooed for female workers and apply to all employers within the People’s Republic of China and their female workers.
A female worker giving birth has 98 days of maternity leave, 15 of which may be before the birth and is extended in case of multiple births, dystocia or miscarriage. During leave, a maternity subsidy is paid by the insurance fund according to average monthly wage of the workers paid the preceding year or if the worker did not pay insurance, the subsidy is paid by employer according to standard of the females wage before maternity leave. Employers shall not extend working hours for female workers who are seven months or more pregnant or who breast-feed babies less than one year old and shall arrange time for such.

Sexual harassment of female workers in the workplace shall be prohibited and a fine or/and compensation may be imposed where certain provisions are violated.

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