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Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Issues concerning Strictly Controlling and Standardizing the Administration of Mining Rights Grant by Agreement
released by:admin Time:2012-6-26 10:57:29 Read:3007Time

Promulgating Institution:      Ministry of Land and Resources
Document Number:           Guo Tu Zi Fa [2012] No.80
Promulgating Date:           05/15/2012
Determined survey or exploitation projects for mining rights, exploration and exploitation rights may be granted by agreement under any of the following circumstances upon review of the relevant authorities: A key mineral (or supporting) development project approved by the State Council; Key mineral resources projects with large and medium-sized reserves approved by government at province level; Prospecting projects for alternate resources in critical mines included in national programs; Neighboring areas where rights have been set need to be integrated or peripheral resources involved due to the expansion of the scope of overall survey.

Mineral resource plans and mining rights schemes must be approved or submitted for record-filing. The competent departments of land and resources at or above province level have reached census along with applications for survey licenses. Granting of rights shall be examined and approved by Ministry of Land and Resources and the relevant departments at province level who then issue approval documents. Applicants shall then apply to relevant authorities for registration in accordance with law.

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