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Revised Administrative Measures for Priority Examination of Invention Patent Applications
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Accelerating Priority Examination of Invention Patent Applications
By the State intellectual Property Office
Promulgation time 2012-06-19
Revised Administrative Measures for Priority Examination of Invention Patent Applications Effect on 1st August, 2012.
These measures aim to provide positive support to accelerate the transformation of important scientific and technological achievements and to foster and develop strategic emerging industries. This will be through rapid examination and authorization of Chinese patent applications with important economic and social impact and which are of high creativity.
These measures mainly stipulate the scope, method of application, materials required and procedure of examination of the invention patent which can be priority examined. According to these measures, priority examination could be granted to five kinds of patent applications. The State Intellectual Property Office could accelerate the examination procedure either in accordance with the application or with its authority.
Invention patent applications to which priority examination may be granted mainly include: important patent applications related to technical fields such as environmental protection, energy conservation, new-generation information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles; important patent applications relating to technologies facilitating the green development such as low-carbon technology and resource conservation; patent applications for the same invention first filed in China and then filed in other countries or regions and other patent applications that are of great significance for the interest of the State or the public and require priority examination.
The number of invention patent applications to which priority examination is granted shall be determined by SIPO according to the circumstances such as the examination capacity, the number of patents granted in the previous year, and the number of pending applications of the current year. Priority examination shall be requested by electronic applications. The applicant shall submit the Request for Priority Examination of Invention Patent Applications that has been examined by the intellectual property office, with the opinions and the official seals of the said office indicated, along with a search report in the prescribed format and issued by an entity with the conditions for patent search.
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